Founded in 2015, fwd:// is an imprint of Northern Lights.mn dedicated to publishing artist apps.

From Vannevar Bush’s Memex (1945) to Ted Nelson’s hypermedia (1963) to today’s social media platforms, there is a rich history and context for a virtual public sphere of creative expression. fwd:// supports artists who are exploring this expanded field.

We are interested in the “app” as a new container for earlier media projects, such as Ding an sich, as well as new works designed to take advantage of the possibilities of new platforms.

fwd:// produces and presents creative work in the expanded spaces of a virtual public sphere.


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fwd:// was conceived by a team of collaborators: Steve Dietz, Robin Dowden, Diane Mullin, Ady Olson, Matthew Rezac, Tyler Stefanich, Piotr Szyhalski